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Back to da capo

music bottom A Night with Anisia


“Back to da Capo”

Lydian Sound Orchestra
arranged and directed by Riccardo Brazzale
Almarecords 2008; distribuited by Egea

  • Recorded at Auditorium Città di Thiene on April 2006;
    mixed and mastered at Istituto Musicale Città di Thiene, on June-August 2006
  • With: Pietro Tonolo (tenor sax but soprano sax in All the Things),
    Robert Bonisolo (soprano, alto & tenor sax),
    Rossano Emili (clarinet, baritone sax), Kyle Gregory (trumpet, flugelhorn),
    Roberto Rossi (trombone), Daro Duso (tuba), Michele Calgaro (guitar),
    Paolo Birro (piano), Marc Abrams (bass), Alfred Kramer (drums).
  • Includes:
    St. Louisine Double Blues
    Very Very Rags
    Small Hours
    A Night with Anisia
    All The Things We Would Like To Be
    North-East End Blues
    Tiens ma main
    Bras to Africa
    Back to Da Capo
  • All compositions by Riccardo Brazzale
Associazione Musica Moderna - via Maestro Zampieri, 13 - 36016 Thiene (Vicenza) - p. iva 02593710243